AMS Wins Grant for Innovative Project

What do comics, reading skills and the Autism Model School have in common? A whole lot . . . thanks to a grant from the Ohio Department of Education!

This summer, the school was awarded a grant of $54,000 from the state’s Straight A Fund. Out of 141 applicants, AMS was one of only 23 selected to receive funds. The money will be used to launch a new project called Comics 4 Comprehension–a.k.a, C4C. A central piece of the project will be the creation of comics to support the school’s evidence-based reading curriculum.

More so than their typically developing peers, students with autism often struggle to comprehend what they read, especially stories. Some key skills learners with autism often struggle with include understanding obscure vocabulary, linking pronouns to their referents and summarizing the major events of a story.

C4C will bring clarity to these concepts through comic book style drawings. The hoped for outcome–students at AMS making significant gains in reading comprehension.

In finding an innovative approach to helping individuals with autism find success, the C4C project aligned with the purpose of the grant. “The Straight A Fund encourages schools to get creative in the ways they prepare Ohio’s students for the global workplace,” said Dr. Lonny J. Rivera, interim superintendent of public instruction.

The school’s Clinical Management Team is excited to see the project receive funding. Next steps for C4C include planning sessions and the selection of a graphic artist to begin creating comics.

For more information regarding the Straight A Fund,  follow this link for the state’s official press release.