Survey Results Point to Staff Appreciation

Results from the school’s annual parent survey are in!

The survey consisted of 10 scaled questions where respondents selected yes, mostly, unsure, not usually or no to statements such as, “School reports give clear feedback about progress.” Open-ended questions–which gave survey takers an opportunity to elaborate–were also included.

A strong majority of parents–in several cases over 90%–answered yes to statements such as “Would you recommend the school to others,” “The school brings out the best in each child,” and “Students have easy access to technology.”

Results showed the high value parents place on the contributions of school staff. When survey takers were asked, “Do staff know and appreciate your child’s qualities,” 96% replied yes.

The theme of appreciation for AMS staff members was also evident in the open-ended segment of the survey. Responses included…

  • “Great school, friendly staff.”
  • “Wonderful staff. Meets the specific needs of each child.”
  • “Awesome. Caring. Nurturing. The teachers and staff get the kids.”

Other comments celebrated the school’s collaborative approach to addressing student needs. For instance, one respondent said, “Love the open communication and team effort to solve challenges–not set in the ‘old’ ways.”

The survey was distributed to parents on Thursday, June 2nd, 2016. Follow this link to view the complete survey results.