When the Sale Ends the Fun Begins

After we followed the yellow-brick road, it happened somewhere over the rainbow.

It was a memorable Night in the Emerald City.

Our school’s 7th annual community prom was a blast, with over 100 guests and 40 volunteers joining forces to create a magical experience for everyone involved.

The Fun Begins…

Amazing events–like prom–are a part of the Autism Model School’s special activities and programs, along with…

  • Voyager’s Art Club
  • Dance Till U Shine
  • Garden Crew

These activities are funded in part through proceeds from spirit sales!

When you buy a shirt you’re not just showing off your AMS pride–we call it Star Power. You’re not just representing the school to the community.

You’re doing something stellar.

You’re moving our mission forward–creating a school environment that’s rich with creative, fun and social learning opportunities.

Thanks so much!!

Thank you so much for your past and continued support of our spirit sales. You’re helping students grow–and doing it in style!


Our current online spirit sale ends Sunday, September 24th at 11:59pm.