The Autism Model School is proud to present the newest addition to our work development transition program:

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“Practical Assessment Exploration System”

Preparing Students for the Real World

Our new PAES program offers:
– Work and Life Skill Training. Students learn and develop skills needed for vocational training, placement and independent living. The skills they learn relate to almost every type of career. Skills are taught in a systematic format that helps students become more independent. Life skills are taught to help students learn everyday skills.

– Vocational Work Assessments. Performance Assessments are based on the student’s generalizable work and life skills, work interest and preferences, work competitiveness and work behaviors. PAES assesses present behavior barriers to future success, then helps change them to positive work behaviors. VIEW SAMPLE PERFORMANCE REPORT

– Work Exploration. The lab provides exploration through HANDS-ON experience providing real and meaningful career information and knowledge of what they can do and do well.

– Appropriate Work Behavior Development. PAES assesses and trains students in proper work behaviors, eliminating many barriers to successful job placement. Students are required to follow specific work procedures and work rules.

– Data Collection and Student Reporting. Students who successfully complete PAES know what they are good at doing and where their strengths are, they know work-related problem solving skills, proper work behavior needed on the job, where they are going and what careers interest them. Through the data collection teachers will learn what skills a student can actually perform, the student’s ability to be competitive with the real world, what type of special assistance they may need on the job and what work behaviors students have and which ones they need to develop further.


The PAES program focuses on five different work areas:

1. Business and Marketing

2. Consumer Service

3. Construction and Industrial

4. Computer Technology

5. Processing and Production



Students are “paid” for good work performance and behavior with simulated money and paychecks through the Money Manager Program. They are then able to use their earnings to purchase a wide variety of rewards in the school’s Money Manager Store.

Students learn the value of money, academic monetary concepts, money related math concepts, checkbook management, managing cash responsibility, consequences for one’s actions and start preparing for life.

Our teachers and students are both very excited
to begin working with this system!

We are currently asking for donations for our Money Manager Store which will soon be available to our students. You may view a full flier HERE, or view the information below.

Money Manager Store Flier

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