Special Programs & Activities

We’re on a mission to develop the full potential of the stars of the show, our students! Special programs are one way reach for this goal and help students grow, shine and explore.

Take a look at the current lineup of extracurricular activities at AMS and checkout our Special Programs 2017 Report.

Dance Club

“Come on down for Dance Club!” Near the end of lunch period, everyone’s invited to the back of the gym for Dance Club. Students have a blast stepping along to music videos projected onto the wall. They’re also active in running Dance Club by setting up equipment, making announcements and following club rules.

Voyager’s Art Workshop

It’s a time to create, communicate and connect. Voyager’s Art Workshop is a place for students to hone their creative skills. From sketching images to writing plays, a wide range of projects are explored. At the end of each session, students talk about what they’re working on with the rest of the group.

Garden Crew

Fresh veggies in the break room. This is a common sight thanks to the Garden Crew. Two garden beds are tended by students from several classrooms. Seeds are planted, flowers are watered and produce is harvested. All in a season’s work for Garden Crew.

Dance Till U Shine

Our school-wide dance program features weekly lessons led by a local instructor. Students master basic dance steps, learn choreographed routines and participate in agility exercises. Performances take place twice per year and let students take the stage and shine!

Community Prom

This spring will mark the 8th year our school has hosted a community prom. Open to students ages 14 to 22, this event is a vivid example of what our school stands for. Partnering with the community to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

If you’d like to support one of these amazing programs, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call at 419.897.4400 or email our school’s development director, Luke Reed, at lreed@amstoledo.org